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Our 1st Showroom (Since 2014-2016)

Our ABRASAFE Outdoor Samples

Our 1st Building - 7,000sqft (Since 2014-2016)

Our 2nd Building - 14,000sqft (Since 2016) 

Photograph Gallery


Our Head Office Photographs

Abra Brisbane Australia Building 01
Abra Brisbane Australia Building 02
Abra Brisbane Australia Front Entry
Abra Brisbane Australia Warehouse 03
Abra Brisbane Australia Warehouse 05
Abra Brisbane Australia Warehouse 06

Product Testing Footage - Jan'15

Tested at AZUMA LAB - Australia

Withstood 100 impacts (20 x Aust' Standard)

Withstood 7 consecutive impact @ 300 joules WITHOUT FAILURE!

Test performed in compliance with

3X the Australian standard

Panther protect my family

My family can now relax in the living area feeling safe at all times. 

Security with a clear view

​These grill are very adaptable to the doors & windows. It doesn't affect the view of our beautiful garden landscape.

Video Gallery

Product TV Advertisement

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